Carrion Forge

Fusion Gunship

You are a fusion gunship, surviving by salvaging what is left of your defeated enemies.


Survive the arena as long as you can! Grow your ship by flying into loose ship parts. They attach to whatever loose part touched them first.

If a part gets destroyed, all parts attached to it are released.

The more parts you have attached to you, the bigger your score multiplyer.

This is your energy core. If it is destroyed, you lose.

These are the enemy cores. Shoot them, and salvage their ship parts!

If you have engines attached to you, you can use the arrow keys to navigate

If you have guns attached to you, you can press SPACE BAR to shoot.

Sensors help you look further ahead

A shield protects its surrounding parts, but be careful! If it is destroyed, all attached parts are sent flying!

Avoid the mines! If they stick to you, smash them into the wall before they blow up! If you shoot them down they might drop a shield.

Watch out for enemies with these ramming warheads, they pack a punch!